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Air-cooled Scroll Chillers AW10-80
Model: AW10-AW80
Cooling capacity: 4.5hp,9hp,12hp,17.4hp,24hp,30.4hp
Amrta's AW range of chillers is ideal for light commercial applications. Amrta chilled water systems is reliable and efficient.
Your primary concern when selecting chiller for your project should be reliable, efficiency and economy. Amrta chillers uniquely combine good performance with the best in value.

Reliability and efficiency

1.Scroll compressors have acquired an indisputable notoriety in today’s market due to their unmatched efficiency and reliability.

2.Tube in shell are designed to guarantee the highest energy efficiencies and the widest operating temperature ranges, meaning users fully benefit from a year-round operation.

3.Low ambient double fans allow operation down to -18oC.

4.Optional black epoxy coating to protect condenser fins (available as standard in certain regions).

Units are equipped with an integrated flow switch.

Safe and simplified installation

Maintenance tasks are simplified and installations are made safer, easier and faster, due to several well-designed features incorporated in the chillers.

Units are compact and have a reduced footprint, facilitating handling and installation on the job site.

5.The large side panels allow direct access to the main components of the refrigeration circuit.

Reliable controls ensuring performance, simplicity and safety

Units are equipped with controllers specifically designed for chillers. This controls the return water temperature as it monitors numerous operating and security parameters, such as high and low pressure and fan speed.

The controller guarantees optimised power consumption thanks to the following features:

• anti-short cycling

• staggered compressor operation

The user interface will allow the user to interact very simply and quickly with the system.

The display indicates:

• current return water temperature

• operating status

• fault codes


Air-cooled Scroll Chillers AW10-80
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