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Amrta is a professional chiller manufacturer.

Our chillers are high-efficient, reliable and customer-focussed, serving industries such as food beverage, medical, chemical, plastic, printing, electronics and more.

Amrta's top priority is to ensure the reliability and quality. We have a team of qualified people dedicated to constant product improvement and we will not sacrifice quality to the bottom line. We will follow through on our products and processes to ensure successful projects, customers and distributors.


Management Idea: Specific make quality and brand is from quality.

Enterprise Spirit: Concentration, creation, only for good future.

Enterprise Values: Energy saving, environmental, comfortable.

Enterprise Vision:  To be the world leading brand in the HVAC field.

  • POCE17122206GC-M
  • POCE17122203BC-M
  • POCE17122202WC-M
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