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The Daily Maintenance for Heat Pump Water Heaters

Time:2017-11-13 13:10:00

Heat pump water heaters are the automation devices, if conduct the daily maintenance when using, the working life and stability of the units will be guaranteed.

1. We should set the outlet water temperature according to the factory settings. The best energy saving water outlet temperature is 46-52℃.

2. The filters installed outside should be cleaned regularly to ensure the clear water quality inside the system and to prevent the breaking from the blocking.

3. All the protection devices have been set before delivery, personal adjustment is not allowed.

4. Check regularly if the connection between the power supply and the electric system is tight. If there is something wrong with the electric system, we should maintain and change it in time.

5. Don’t turn on/off the units by pulling the plug directly, and check the leakage protection at regular time.

6. Check if the water compensation, safety valves and air exhausting device are in normal condition to ensure the heating capacity and operation stability.

7. Check if there is leakage existed in water pipe connection.

8. Environment outside the units should be dry and clean, and cleaning the heat exchangers every 3-6 months to ensure the heat exchange efficiency.

9. Check every part of the units to ensure there is no gas leakage and no refrigerant leakage.

10. If power off the units for a long time, it’s better to discharge all the water and power off the units. Before restart the units, complete inspection is necessary.

11. If there is some noise from the units when restarting, check carefully to exclude the obstacle.

12. If there is something wrong with units and we can’t solve them by ourselves, it’s better to inform the after sales service of the factories.

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