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Reasons of Affecting the Air Source Heat Pumps Heating Capacity

Time:2017-10-15 09:16:00

Air source heat pumps use the Reverse Carnot Principle which absorbs the heat from the air to the water. Heating capacity is an important parameter to judge the performance of the heat pumps. So, which elements will affect the heating capacity?

Operation mode of hot water system

When using constant temperature water supplement and cycle heating, the hot water system will work in the condition of medium to high water temperature that will cause the actual parameter of heat pumps 20% less than that of direct heating system. Lack of direct heating control system affects the energy saving effect of hot water engineer.

Cycle water volume and incrustation

From most cycle commercial heat pumps in the current market, different engineering designs have different size of pipe resistances. If small cycle water volume in the engineer system, the heat exchange side temperature will increase by 5℃, but heat exchange quantity will drop down, then the heating capacity will decrease as well. The incrustation in the pipes and heat exchangers stronger the resistance so that the heating capacity will decrease. So, that’s why the heating capacity drops down after running a year, and the same situation also will happen in places whose water quality is bad.

Weather condition

If the ambient temperature rise to 5℃, the heat pumps heating capacity will increase by 5%~20%. But in winter, the cold weather has great effect on the heating capacity. So, when designing the solutions, engineers will count the actual heating capacity and performance as the average data. Compared with the electric water heaters and gas water heaters, the air source heat pumps have great energy saving effect. But there still exists the great difference between northern and southern area; the deviation sometimes will exceed more than 20%.

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